A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

  I was excited to read this book considering I use JAX-RS and RESTEasy at work. Another developer put together the foundation of our web services using these technologies and I wanted to better understand the core of what I work with each day. This book perfectly fit that need. Many technical books are written by authors who have worked with the technology for a couple of years or, in some cases, learned it just for the sake of writing the book. This is NOT the case for RESTful Java with JAX-RS.The author, Bill Burke, is the main contributor to … Continue reading A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

How to unit test an onFocusChangeListener … don’t.

I am fairly new to unit testing in practice. I’ve read about it over the last couple of years and even given a talk on different frameworks for python, but I’ve never really dug into it enough to use it in my daily practice.  At work we are starting a new mobile project and I decided to pull some of my reusable code out to a library project. While doing this, I thought it would be a good idea to start putting everything under unit test. In just a few short days I have learned a tremendous amount and found … Continue reading How to unit test an onFocusChangeListener … don’t.

Practicing deliberately

I just finished re-reading The Passionate Programmer, by Chad Fowler. I posted about this book, the first time I read it back in September of 2009. One of the topics I focused on this time was the idea of practicing your art. Programming is a lot like painting and music. While there is arguably more science to programming, there is a strong art component to it as well. You can look at two pieces of code that do the same thing, but chances are you will better appreciate the one that is more aesthetically pleasing, easier to understand, and as … Continue reading Practicing deliberately

It’s all Groovy man…

I have 3 weeks before my first Android class starts with Udacity. Considering I have been an Android developer for several years, I expect it should be pretty easy for the first month or so. In the meantime I am going to spend my extra hours working through Groovy in Action, from Manning. I previously mentioned that I attended the Android Developers Conference. One of the main things I took away from the conference was the shift in technologies from Eclipse/Ant to Android Studio/Gradle. Gradle has some powerful features which will allow me to more easily accomplish multi-project builds. One … Continue reading It’s all Groovy man…

Introduction to the Design of Everyday Things

While searching the Udacity.com site for classes that looked interesting, I ran across one on design. It is called the Introduction to Design of Everyday Things. It is taught by the guy who wrote the definite book on the subject, Don Norman.  I found this to be a really interesting class. It wasn’t specifically about the subject of software, but rather how humans interact with objects all around them and how good design considers both the affordances the human interaction allows and the signifiers used to make things more clear. The final project in the class was to design the … Continue reading Introduction to the Design of Everyday Things

Continuing education

Continuing education for developers is a must. In this industry, you either continue to make yourself better or you get stagnant and wait for the time when all the upcoming kids take your position and you find yourself worried about whether you will still have your job in the future or whether you will be able to find another one if something were to happen. Today is different than any other time in history. The internet and online education makes it possible for anyone to take classes from home, from some of the best schools, for free.  When I started … Continue reading Continuing education

So what now?

About me. Two simple words that are so open as to make me pause when trying to determine what to write on this page.  My old about me can be found here. So much has changed since I first started this site. I don’t want to lose track of were I started and what my motivations where at the time. So who am I today? I’m a programmer, husband, brewer, and general technophile in my mid 30’s. For some reason, I can’t shake the burning desire to be better at everything I do, especially when it comes to technology. I’m … Continue reading So what now?

My old about me page

Below is what consisted of my about me page in 2009/2010.  Almost 5 years have gone by and many things have changed. I’ve reached my goals, but found new ones to propel me forward. Motivations: I’m starting this blog as a way to motivate me to do more to gain useful experience and hopefully help others along the way. Those of us who consider ourselves Jr Developers live in a strange world, dominated by the dreaded Catch 22. Dictionary.com defines Catch 22 as “any illogical or paradoxical problem or situation; dilemma.” In the software industry, this usually means that to … Continue reading My old about me page

Another random update

Deanna and I have been stuck in the house, quarantined, with both the flu and walking pneumonia. I am beginning to feel stir crazy, but never the less it seems better than the risk of killing old people and small children with our plague. I decided I would take this opportunity to update on our lives as of late. Work is going well. Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I haven’t spoken of work in a while. I’m doing what I enjoy and still look forward to going into the office each day.  I remind myself that not … Continue reading Another random update