Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown

I picked up a bottle of Founder’s Frangelic Mountain Brown, at the suggestion of the beer lady at the Piggly Wiggly in Liberty Park. There was a sign showing a ratebeer rating of 99, so why not. It was a little expensive. Around $12 for a single bomber. While the title suggest a brown, ratebeer shows it as an “American Strong Ale”. That is really just a catch all for strong, creative beers. I will review this as a brown, as Founders suggest. Aroma: Very strong hazelnut nose. Toffee Appearance: Medium-dark brown, right on style for a brown. The head … Continue reading Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown

Catching up … again.

It seems I end up writing more “catch up” post than every day post. I just recently installed the WordPress app for Android and I hope this gets me to post more than every few months. I’ll discuss another step I plan to take towards that shortly. First, to catch up. 😉 Since my first home brewing post on here I have done numerous batches. The winter brought me several ales and even a Belgian clone of Chimay Red. I still have a couple of bottles of that left, but I am running low quickly. Due to the summer heat, … Continue reading Catching up … again.

Saison Dupont

This is a beer I have been very excited to try. I’ve basically spent the summer brewing and tasting saisons, but I haven’t seen a Saison Dupont available until today. I found it at whole foods. It was $5 for a single 12oz bottle. Kind of expensive, but I HAD to try it. The color is a nice golden-orange color and cloudy. Definitely to style for a saison. The head was white and lasted for about 30 seconds or so. Aroma was very light and slightly fruity and musty. No real hop aroma. I did get a slightly skunky smell, … Continue reading Saison Dupont

Homemade Sauerkraut

I decided to give sauerkraut a try. After watching several different videos, I opted for a small batch method in a mason jar. I’m really just dipping my toes in the water with this, so who knows how it is going to turn out. The recipe was extremely simple. To make it, you need the following ingredients. White Cabbage Sea salt Caraway seeds I shredded a single head of cabbage and mixed with a tablespoon of salt and handful of caraway seeds. Immediately the smell was amazing. The caraway seeds really lend a beautiful aroma to the mixture. I mixed … Continue reading Homemade Sauerkraut

First Brew Day

DeAnna and I are making some changes toward a more self-sustaining life. Part of doing that means growing more in the garden, preserving foods rather than buying store bought sauces and jams, and making our own beer and wine. Yesterday, I took the first steps toward becoming a home brewer, thanks to the help of a wonderful friend, Rich. I met Rich at the Home brewing supply shop and he gave me a quick run down of what to do. On the wall was a list of what must be over 100 incredible beers for which the shop has recipes … Continue reading First Brew Day

Validating URLs in Android

This is mostly just a reminder for myself. This morning I was checking to see if there was a simple way to validate URLs in Android and low and behold there is: From: // Validate URL if (!URLUtil.isValidUrl(url)) { Toast.makeText(this, “Invalid URL specified”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); return; } Source: URLUtil.isValidUrl()

Book review: Programming Android

Programming Android contains an impressive coverage of what it takes to build an application for the Android platform. The book starts right where it should, with helping you set up Eclipse and the ADT plugins required for writing an Android app. Next, explanation is taken of some basics of Java. Certainly not enough to teach you Java, but rather a quick reminder of the things you are going to see while reading the examples in the book. The authors then show the reader the basic ingredients of an Android app (Views, the Manifest file, etc) and how all of the … Continue reading Book review: Programming Android

Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications

Programming HTML5 Applications, by Zachary Kessin; O’Reilly Media Programming HTML5 Applications serves as an introduction to some of the technologies available for building the next generation of web applications. That being said, I don’t quite understand which audience for whom the author wrote this book. I felt more like I was attending a conference where the presenter was trying to get through as much material as possible, in as little time as possible. Reading the book feels like being exposed to a whirlwind of ideas and buzzwords. While the title of the book is Programming HTML5 Applications, there is very … Continue reading Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications