Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Aroma: Roastiness. Dark Chocolate, to the point of reminding you of really good hot chocolate or chocolate milk. Appearance: Very dark, almost black. Tan head with very little to no head retention. Taste: Roasty and strong chocolate flavor. Reminds me of drinking chocolate milk, but with a really nice bitter, dark chocolate. Low alcohol and sweet. Mouth Feel: Creamy! Good carbonation, maybe a little higher than I would have expected for a stout, but it really helps to balance the creaminess of the swee stout. Overall: This is probably the best sweet stout I have ever had. This is not a beer you would … Continue reading Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Sam Adams Harvest Pupkin Ale

I found this in a build your own 6-pack at Whole Foods. Aroma: Spice, spice, spice. Appearance: Clear brown, perfect to style. Little to no head. No head retention. Taste: You get the spices right away and they dominate, but they are well balanced with the malt of the beer. Taste like drinking pumpkin pie. Finishes with a slight tartness, that is refreshing after the malt and spice. No hop character, no alcohol perception. Overall: Hello fall! I’ll be drinking a few of these as the season progresses.

Homemade Sauerkraut

I decided to give sauerkraut a try. After watching several different videos, I opted for a small batch method in a mason jar. I’m really just dipping my toes in the water with this, so who knows how it is going to turn out. The recipe was extremely simple. To make it, you need the following ingredients. White Cabbage Sea salt Caraway seeds I shredded a single head of cabbage and mixed with a tablespoon of salt and handful of caraway seeds. Immediately the smell was amazing. The caraway seeds really lend a beautiful aroma to the mixture. I mixed … Continue reading Homemade Sauerkraut

Domain name changing

For anyone who may actually be following a feed for my blog, I will soon be dropping the domain name That name was given to the site when I first launched the blog, and represented the goals of the site at that time. Things have certainly changed and I have achieved the goals I set out to accomplish. That domain name expires next month and I have elected not to renew. The blog will continue and will be moved to See you there!

Starting week 2!

It’s been pretty chaotic and I haven’t had the time or ability to post.  Our power came back on Friday night, but Saturday the power company replaced the lines to our house.  While my power appears to be stable now, they also cut the cable lines. It may be a few days before I have internet back at home. The paleo challenge is going great so far. I’m not craving grains.  I am including sweet potatoes, so that helps with some of it. This morning’s weigh in was 154.2!  This is the lightest I have been in many years.  I … Continue reading Starting week 2!

Wednesday morning Muay Thai

I had a nice run yesterday, but really wanted more today. I decided to get up early for Muay Thai. It starts (on Wednesdays) at 5:30am with 30 minutes of conditioning and then an hour of working/sparring. I had a great time, but I am really sore now. My knees are still beat up from Monday’s Jui Jitsu class and today just happened to be focussed on knees. On the upside, I seem to have good flying knees. If I can make it, I intend to do MMA101 tonight. I doubt I will be staying for Jui Jitsu afterwards, since … Continue reading Wednesday morning Muay Thai

Last day of PyCon 2010

Today is the last day of PyCon 2010 and I am waiting on the next talk to begin.  I’ve learned so much that, at times, I thought my head might just explode.  Sessions run until 5pm, with Open Space sessions often running past 10pm.  There are so many really smart people here and it is easy to get caught up in a conversation with someone you met just moments ago. I think coming to PyCon may have been one of the best things I have done for myself in some time.  It’s truly and amazing language and coming to a … Continue reading Last day of PyCon 2010

Stepping out of your comfort zone and standing up for yourself

Looking back, I have generally been the type of person who lets people dictate to me what it is that I am going to do. I make my desires known, but don’t do anything to make it a point that my desires will be the outcome. Today I took a big step and stood up for myself. After a couple of years of being led to believe that I would finally move into a full time development position, and then being stuck in a designer/analyst position, I laid it all out on the table. I let my boss know that … Continue reading Stepping out of your comfort zone and standing up for yourself