A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

  I was excited to read this book considering I use JAX-RS and RESTEasy at work. Another developer put together the foundation of our web services using these technologies and I wanted to better understand the core of what I work with each day. This book perfectly fit that need. Many technical books are written by authors who have worked with the technology for a couple of years or, in some cases, learned it just for the sake of writing the book. This is NOT the case for RESTful Java with JAX-RS.The author, Bill Burke, is the main contributor to … Continue reading A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

Book review: Programming Android

Programming Android contains an impressive coverage of what it takes to build an application for the Android platform. The book starts right where it should, with helping you set up Eclipse and the ADT plugins required for writing an Android app. Next, explanation is taken of some basics of Java. Certainly not enough to teach you Java, but rather a quick reminder of the things you are going to see while reading the examples in the book. The authors then show the reader the basic ingredients of an Android app (Views, the Manifest file, etc) and how all of the … Continue reading Book review: Programming Android

Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications

Programming HTML5 Applications, by Zachary Kessin; O’Reilly Media Programming HTML5 Applications serves as an introduction to some of the technologies available for building the next generation of web applications. That being said, I don’t quite understand which audience for whom the author wrote this book. I felt more like I was attending a conference where the presenter was trying to get through as much material as possible, in as little time as possible. Reading the book feels like being exposed to a whirlwind of ideas and buzzwords. While the title of the book is Programming HTML5 Applications, there is very … Continue reading Book Review: Programming HTML5 Applications

Book review: Android Recipes

A definite book to have in your Android arsenal. If you are an Android developer, this is book you want on your shelf. Android Recipes gives you examples of working code to solve real world problems. Sure you can find the information on-line, but where else will you find all of this information in single, easy to use source, without spending hours digging through random web pages looking for a working example. While reading the book, I found myself frequently stopping to make notes or sending myself an email so I could try something new at work the next day. … Continue reading Book review: Android Recipes

Book Review: Learning Java for Android Development

Learning Java for Android Development, published by Apress. Although classified as a beginner’s book, it should be noted that this book is not written for beginning programmers. If you are new to programming in general, start somewhere else and look at this book later. This comprehensive review of the Java language features takes the reader from the primitive data types to a whirlwind exposure to the standard Java libraries. The good: Learn Java for Android Development attempts to cover everything you might need to know about Java for purposes of Android development. Unlike many learning Java books, this book does … Continue reading Book Review: Learning Java for Android Development

Book Review: Pro Android 2

Pro Android 2 by Dave MacLean Pro Android 2 is aimed at developers who want to take Android to the next level. This large book serves as a manual for how to do almost anything on Android. The book starts by giving a refresher of the platform, and then quickly dives into explaining XML files, GUI layout and Views, and working with mapping. Building and consuming services are explained, giving the first example of working with Apache’s HttpClient libs that I have seen in an Android book. Examples of working with the Telephony API, searching, using gestures, you name it. … Continue reading Book Review: Pro Android 2

Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Jython

If you are looking for a book on Jython, this is the only book I would consider buying. I highly recommend it for any developer looking to gain the speed and ease of Python within their projects. So, go out and buy the book. Support the authors for the obvious hard work they put into making such a great book.