Another random update

Deanna and I have been stuck in the house, quarantined, with both the flu and walking pneumonia. I am beginning to feel stir crazy, but never the less it seems better than the risk of killing old people and small children with our plague. I decided I would take this opportunity to update on our lives as of late. Work is going well. Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I haven’t spoken of work in a while. I’m doing what I enjoy and still look forward to going into the office each day.  I remind myself that not … Continue reading Another random update

Catching up … again.

It seems I end up writing more “catch up” post than every day post. I just recently installed the WordPress app for Android and I hope this gets me to post more than every few months. I’ll discuss another step I plan to take towards that shortly. First, to catch up. 😉 Since my first home brewing post on here I have done numerous batches. The winter brought me several ales and even a Belgian clone of Chimay Red. I still have a couple of bottles of that left, but I am running low quickly. Due to the summer heat, … Continue reading Catching up … again.

Made the 30 day challenge!

We finally made the 30 day challenge, just before my Birthday last Friday.  Of course, the last couple of days have been a little bad because of the birthday and the in-laws in town.  We should be getting back on the Paleo train here today!  Here was my post on Last day of the 30 day challenge and no going back! Today is the last day of the 30 day challenge. My wife and I both have been 100% paleo the entire time. My wife has celiacs as well as soy allergies and has had no food issues since … Continue reading Made the 30 day challenge!

Packing up the 34s

My size 34 pants have been getting looser and looser over the last couple of months and especially over the last few weeks since going paleo.  Today, I packed up my size 34s and bought several new pairs of size 32 jeans.  Today is a great day.   Thanks to the right diet and working hard at <a href=”“>Spartan Fitness”</a>, I feel the best I have  in years. On the one down side,  I landed on my ankle wrong in boxing  Saturday.  Injuries are part of the deal though, so I’ve kind of gotten used to being a little banged … Continue reading Packing up the 34s

Toward the end of week 3, catching up.

I am terrible at keeping up with blogging, but my lovely wife reminded me that I need to check in.  Things have been going really, really well. I’m still on  track with the challenge and heading into the last couple of days of week 3.  I’ve crossed the energy boundary and I ‘m starting to feel like I have my stamina back.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I could definitely tell a difference in my performance at the gym over the last couple of weeks. last night felt pretty good.  We went hard for an hour of … Continue reading Toward the end of week 3, catching up.

Full into week 2

Well, I am fully into week two and still holding strong on my 30 day adjustment period.  This morning’s weigh in was 151.2, however much of that could have been lost water weight from last night at the gym.  I’ll rehydrate today and see how tomorrow goes.  I expect it to go back up to about 154.  That is still a few pounds lost in a just over a week.  Since I was basically stuck on a plateau for the last few months, it’s good to see.  I am a little concerned that I may not be eating enough, so … Continue reading Full into week 2

Crazy few days

It’s been hard to keep up with things the last couple of days.  Two days ago, terrible storms came through and have taken out power at our house.  Trees are down throughout the neighborhood and we are dealing with the clean up.  I should be back to posting my journal by next week. Amazingly enough, I’ve managed to stay on track with the 30 day challenge!  I had some hummus yesterday, without realizing it was a banned food.  Otherwise everything has been fine.  I’m down to my lowest weight yet.  The last several days I’ve come in at 156.4 or … Continue reading Crazy few days

30 days of Paleo, day 2

Day 1: Exercise:  Today is a rest day. I will be doing about an hour of drumming this evening. Nutrition: Breakfast: 1 scoop of Wheybolic (20 grams of protein), green smoothie (apple, blood orange, spinach, dandelion), coffee. Handful of raw cashews, Emergen-C (sore throat) Lunch: Coconut water, roasted asparagus and carrots, 8 medium shrimp Afternoon: Lemon tea (herbal), green tea, about 3 oz of chicken, 3/4 cup of squash, 1 medium avocado. Dinner: salad with balsamic vinaigrette (home made), grass-fed top round beef. Notes: Kind of feeling tired today, but I believe most of it is due to a sore throat. I was … Continue reading 30 days of Paleo, day 2

Kicking things back up a bit

I find that I am terrible at keeping up with a blog.  Normally, the ebb and flow of the day tends to take me away from making the time to sit and write a little.  I’ll try to do better. Today I start 30 days of trying out the Paleo Diet. My focus is around information given by Robb Wolf, in the book:  The Paleo Solution. While I have lost a TON of weight in the last year (I sure wish I had blogged about it more!), I still face some issues with digestion, specifically reflux.  Additionally, several fighters have … Continue reading Kicking things back up a bit