Another random update

Deanna and I have been stuck in the house, quarantined, with both the flu and walking pneumonia. I am beginning to feel stir crazy, but never the less it seems better than the risk of killing old people and small children with our plague. I decided I would take this opportunity to update on our lives as of late. Work is going well. Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I haven’t spoken of work in a while. I’m doing what I enjoy and still look forward to going into the office each day.  I remind myself that not … Continue reading Another random update

Changing times

The road life takes us down can be both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. We don’t always know what the next curve will bring, and that is one of the things that makes life worth living. For me, seeing myself change over the years has been just like driving down a long road. The scenery has changed, my feelings about where I am and what I am doing has changed, and most of all, I’ve enjoyed every moment of the trip. Deanna and I are in the process of changing once again and we are really beginning to … Continue reading Changing times

First Brew Day

DeAnna and I are making some changes toward a more self-sustaining life. Part of doing that means growing more in the garden, preserving foods rather than buying store bought sauces and jams, and making our own beer and wine. Yesterday, I took the first steps toward becoming a home brewer, thanks to the help of a wonderful friend, Rich. I met Rich at the Home brewing supply shop and he gave me a quick run down of what to do. On the wall was a list of what must be over 100 incredible beers for which the shop has recipes … Continue reading First Brew Day