And it always ends up with someone getting hurt…

I haven’t posted in about a week. Last Wednesday, I had a great time at practice, but ended up with a few injuries. I didn’t realize just how bad they were until the next day. It turns out my toe was fractured and I had bruised rib. I figure things like this are bound to happen, so I’m taking a few days to partially recover before going back to the gym. My goal is to get back on Thursday for boxing, and hopefully conditioning before hand. On a completely unrelated note, a couple of months ago I had a hardware … Continue reading And it always ends up with someone getting hurt…

I made it, but can I throw up now?

Last night was seriously intense. We did conditioning for about 50 minutes. The goal was to take the muscles to failure through each set of stations, focused on legs and through to arms. I made it fine and decided that I should stay for Muay Thai. While I’ve made it through 2 classes before, this was the first time doing so after conditioning. I was already tired and at what I thought was my limit. Muay Thai consisted of fast rounds of striking combos (kicks, punches, knees) for 2 minutes, then ab work for 1 minute (pikes, Marvin Hagglers, crunches), … Continue reading I made it, but can I throw up now?

If your Android project won’t build the apk file…

Lesson learned. Android and Eclipse have some funky interaction at times. I was getting a message that the “Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error code 2”. My brief internet searches turned up much more complicated results than I was looking for. The answer, delete the file and let eclipse recreate it.

Android development taking over a large part of the day

Last week we had our company Users Conference. At the UC, the Android (and iPhone) applications we have been working on were debuted. It went over very, very well. It seems now much of my time is going be spent doing Android development a work! In other news, I’ll be presenting on Android Development at the Tech Mixer University event on October 5th. Things are coming along nicely. So again, rules for breaking catch 22… 1. Work very hard. 2. Study very hard. 3. Rinse. 4. Repeat. I don’t care what anyone says, with hard work and dedication, you can … Continue reading Android development taking over a large part of the day

End of the road, beginning of the highway!

It seems the journey to break catch 22 has come to an end. Today marks a very long road crowned with success. As of July 30, I will be moving to a full time development position. On top of that, I will be taking over as the manager of the group to which I belong. As another plus for the day, it seems the Android work is finally getting some momentum and we will be kicking off a series of basic apps to interface with our software. I will be working closely with our iPhone guy to build the Android … Continue reading End of the road, beginning of the highway!

Time lines

Today, I spoke with our COO regarding my current situation and the ever postponed move to full time development. Everything has hinged on finding someone to back fill my current position. As of today, there is a plan in place and that person has been chosen. The projected time line for the change is around 90 days. Success!

Contributing back to open source. Getting started…

I have been using Linux and Open Source software for years now. I have enjoyed the benefits of free software, from not having to worry about viruses to having almost anything you could want just a few clicks/commands away. I have gone as far as getting other people to use the software and have personally seen several other people switch to Linux as their primary OS. I have found myself a bigger advocate than ever over the last year and often struggled to understand as people would fight their computers and viruses, but not give open source software a chance. … Continue reading Contributing back to open source. Getting started…

Volunteering on open source projects, lessons learned.

Recently I wrote a post, which I later deleted. I had started looking at working on a project called Evennia. It is a MUD/MUSH server written with Twisted and Django. My initial impression was that the project needed everyone to come together on a demo game, so people who were interested in using the code base would have something to go on. The idea was well received, however I realized it would pretty much just be me starting out. I was OK with this, until I got into it more. I realized that evennia was more of an engine that … Continue reading Volunteering on open source projects, lessons learned.

Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Jython

If you are looking for a book on Jython, this is the only book I would consider buying. I highly recommend it for any developer looking to gain the speed and ease of Python within their projects. So, go out and buy the book. Support the authors for the obvious hard work they put into making such a great book.

Calling a REST web service from Android

I recently had the need to call a REST based web service from Android. I searched the net for several days before finding the proper (and easiest) way to do this. Hopefully I will save some of you the trouble. First you will need to import all of the apache HttpClient libs. Then you create the request and make the call, the result of which is a String. In My example, I am merely making the call after the user chooses to search for a specific value. *** This example doesn’t launch the web service call within a separate thread, … Continue reading Calling a REST web service from Android