End of the road, beginning of the highway!

It seems the journey to break catch 22 has come to an end. Today marks a very long road crowned with success. As of July 30, I will be moving to a full time development position. On top of that, I will be taking over as the manager of the group to which I belong.

As another plus for the day, it seems the Android work is finally getting some momentum and we will be kicking off a series of basic apps to interface with our software. I will be working closely with our iPhone guy to build the Android equivalent of what he is doing.

It has been a very long day and I wish I could think of more to say. I’m not sure what will become of this blog since the reason behind putting it together is over. Most likely, it will just become a place for me to share cool technologies I come across and cool things I am working on. That all remains to be seen.

Lessons learned: Work hard, stay excited about technology, and don’t give up.