Catching up … again.

It seems I end up writing more “catch up” post than every day post. I just recently installed the WordPress app for Android and I hope this gets me to post more than every few months. I’ll discuss another step I plan to take towards that shortly.

First, to catch up. 😉

Since my first home brewing post on here I have done numerous batches. The winter brought me several ales and even a Belgian clone of Chimay Red. I still have a couple of bottles of that left, but I am running low quickly. Due to the summer heat, I’ve brewed a simple Saison and a Wit. I bought a keg after receiving a kegerator for my birthday, so the Saison is gone and the Wit is likely to be finished this week. I have a Rye Saison in primary and plan on kegging it next weekend. In a few weeks, I’ll be doing my first Stout. I’m very excited about giving a stout a try. My plan is for a standard dry Irish style stout, likely spiked with a little cold-pressed coffee. I want it pretty low alcohol. I’ve found that I tend to do best at lower alcohol beers. I switched to all grain brewing and my beers have been incredible since. I’ll probably give a bigger beer a go some time this winter though. Maybe an Imperial IPA for Springtime drinking.

I have really fallen in love with the hobby of home brewing and making wine. So much so, that I plan to start studying for the BJCP certification. This is the certification required to be a registered beer judge for beer competitions. At the very least, I should learn a lot and really develop my pallet. On this same note, I am going to start posting beer reviews on this blog. My hope is that I can work up an Android app that allows me to enter BJCP style reviews and post them, along with pictures, directly to the blog. The WordPress Android app is open source, so I should be able to take enough from it to get my app posting back to this blog. We’ll see what happens as I can develop it. Finding the time to do so is going to be the biggest challenge.

Work has been great. I was recently promoted to “Mobile Applications Architect”. I pretty much spend all day working on web services and Android code. I really couldn’t ask for a better position. The company is still great and I work with great people. I learn something new every single day.

The gym is going great. I am typically there between 4 and 6 days a week and I try to run when I have the energy and time. I’ve gained a little weight back, but most has been muscle. The rest is beer.