Founders Breakfast Stout

I have been extremely excited to give this beer a try.  I’ve heard quite a bit about it as I was researching stouts — preparing to brew my own a few weeks ago.  The Founders Breakfast Stout is considered one of the best of its style.  According to their website, this beer is the coffee lover’s consummate beer.

Aroma: Stout roast, coffee, and chocolate. some alcohol — but subtle.  I expect some for an 8.5 percent beer.

Appearance: Black with a brownish/cinnamon head.  The head was decent when first poured, but I did have to pour aggressively to get it.  It laced the glass nicely, however didn’t last very long.  Attempts to rouse the head worked to some degree.

Flavor:  This beer taste just like it smells. Roasty, chocolaty, and especially coffee like.  The flavor coats your tongue and stays there. With this beer, that is NOT a bad thing.

Mouth feel: Very full bodied, creamy and smooth. The bubbles seemed to give the appearance of high carbonation, but the beer displays perfect carbonation and mouth feel for the style.

Overall: I am so glad I got to give this beer a try.  It is a great combination of oatmeal, coffee, and chocolate flavors in a stout.  Breakfast Stout is the perfect name for this beer, especially since I get the feeling I will wake up wanting to have one with my cereal.  Run, don’t walk, to get this beer in your hands.