Another random update

Deanna and I have been stuck in the house, quarantined, with both the flu and walking pneumonia. I am beginning to feel stir crazy, but never the less it seems better than the risk of killing old people and small children with our plague. I decided I would take this opportunity to update on our lives as of late.

Work is going well. Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I haven’t spoken of work in a while. I’m doing what I enjoy and still look forward to going into the office each day.  I remind myself that not many people can truly say that and I am thankful for the opportunities I have seized. I certainly worked hard enough to make them happen.  I have slacked off a lot on my studying new technologies, but not entirely. You must keep learning in my industry, or you will get passed by quickly. The difference is that now that I have achieved the goals I had set for myself, I find myself with the time to focus on new goals and on my life outside of the office.

My exercise and MMA training is going very well. I wish I could make it to the gym more than I do, but my other hobbies also demand my time. Not to mention that as much as I would love to train like a 20 year old, I’m not 20 years old. I don’t recover as quickly as these kids do and I’ve found that when I push myself harder than I should, I start seeing small injuries that won’t go away.  Thankfully it has been warmer outside and I’ve found the time to get back outside and do some running after work. As much as I hated it as a kid, since basic training I’ve really enjoyed going for a nice run.  Last summer, I hit a 10 mile max distance. I would like to pass that this year and make the half-marathon distance I was going for last year.

Deanna and I found a beautiful plot of land. It was 38 acres in Springville, AL.  We both wanted to move there, but the price and the logistics of having to build a house, while still living in the one we have or the 800 square foot cabin on the property would be too much strain on our bank account. I remember what it was like to live pay check to pay check and neither of us wanted to put ourselves in that position again. We decided that rather than moving ourselves to the country, maybe there was a way to move the country to us. We have a large yard in a nice subdivision. With some work, we could make what we have amazing.

Finally, I’ve decided to stop thinking about it and make the time to start writing again. I did it quite a bit in high school and into college, but I haven’t made time for it in my adult life. I’ve started work on a novel, as terrible as I know it will be. Everyone’s first work is. I’ve also decided to focus on doing some short stories.  Much like my goal of getting my running distance up to 13.1 miles, I’ve also decided to make a goal for myself to get a short story published this year.

So there you have it, the last few months in a nutshell. My two goals for the year. I won’t call them resolutions as I would like to achieve them. When I look at them as goals, I know that I can.