A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

  I was excited to read this book considering I use JAX-RS and RESTEasy at work. Another developer put together the foundation of our web services using these technologies and I wanted to better understand the core of what I work with each day. This book perfectly fit that need. Many technical books are written by authors who have worked with the technology for a couple of years or, in some cases, learned it just for the sake of writing the book. This is NOT the case for RESTful Java with JAX-RS.The author, Bill Burke, is the main contributor to … Continue reading A comprehensive coverage of JAX-RS

Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Jython

If you are looking for a book on Jython, this is the only book I would consider buying. I highly recommend it for any developer looking to gain the speed and ease of Python within their projects. So, go out and buy the book. Support the authors for the obvious hard work they put into making such a great book.