stanton – recording musical practice sessions

I just started work on a new Django app to allow me to define my musical practice goals, then record my sessions and the progress I make. This will eventually find its way into the Out of the Darj website so that all of the students can use it as well. The plan is to include a profile of sorts where you can define your goals and show your progress toward making your goals a reality. The project is named ‘stanton’ after the great Stanton Moore. You can find the repo here:

PyHam meeting coming up soon

The last few weeks have been quite busy. I’ve been preparing for the first PyHam meeting, where I will be giving a presentation on common testing frameworks in Python. I have a tendency to volunteer to talk about subjects I’m interested in, but don’t know much about. This should be interesting. I’ve certainly learned quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Our first official meeting will be next week (1/21) at Birmingham Southern College, at 6:30pm.

Announcing the formation of the PyHam, the Birmingham (AL) Python Users Group.

In an effort to better connect with other python developers I decided it would be a good idea to form a Python users group in Birmingham. There aren’t many of us, that I personally know, but hopefully this will bring everyone out. I’ve volunteered to discuss testing frameworks because I want to learn more about them. I’ve used Nose some, but no where near what I would like to know. I’ve also volunteered to discuss Django and demo the Out of the Darj website code. It’s pretty simple, but it shows how powerful and easy Django can be to use … Continue reading Announcing the formation of the PyHam, the Birmingham (AL) Python Users Group.

Atlanta Linux Fest and recent work

I’ve been quiet over the last week as I’ve been working on the new Out of the Darj website. I’ve gotten most of the back end done for the rhythms list. I spent a portion of last night struggling to get the jQuery Accordion plugin working with the Django {% ifchanged %} tag, without much luck. I think I have decided I may work on getting all of the pages and data looking right, then worry about the JavaScript goodies later. I’ll be attending Atlanta Linux Fest this weekend and I’m excited about it. I’ve never been to this large … Continue reading Atlanta Linux Fest and recent work

New web server set up and running Django

I spent much of the start of my holiday weekend learning to deploy Django. I didn’t have much luck deploying to my web host, even though I have a VPS. To avoid messing up any of my other hosted domains, I had decided using FastCGI was the best option. After several hours of trying, it just wasn’t working for me. I’m sure it is something little that I had set wrong, but the frustration led me to setting up an Ubuntu Server virtual machine on one of my computers I don’t use much. I got everything installed and had no … Continue reading New web server set up and running Django

Getting your head out of the books

One problem I have is that love to read about programming. It’s a problem because I do more reading about programming than I actually do programming. It’s partially because I’m a curious person and mostly because I don’t know what to actually work on. Well, I finally have a project I can start on. I’ll be working on the new website for my percussion ensemble, Out of the Darj. Interestingly enough, I’ve chosen to do the site with Python and Django rather than Java. I believe Java would be overkill for such a small site. Since Python, and specifically Django, … Continue reading Getting your head out of the books